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Dear Golfers,

Apart from your equipment and your physical presence, have you ever thought what you bring with you to the first tee and the golf course?

A typical Golfer brings with them to the first tee the following package; some degree of excitement, some degree of doubt, some degree of fear, some key swing thoughts, some desires and expectations and some amount of hope.

A Golfers “package” has three main points:

1.     Golfers are committed only to looking good (hitting a good shot) and not being embarrassed.

2.     Evaluations and judgments (about everything and everybody) are being made all the time.

3.     Golfers are always on the verge of being upset. They are 2 poor shots away from being upset/crazy.

With a package like this, it is difficult to achieve and sustain performance (score). This package places every golfer under too much pressure and effects performance and enjoyment, It is important that you become aware of your own package and re-design it for yourself.

In keeping with my commitment to offer you the latest and most beneficial golf coaching, I am pleased to announce the dates and times for the 1st wave of SPECIAL GOLF CLINICS 2024.

With the start of the 2024 season nearly upon us, it is appropriate to begin with an element of the game which is vital to the scores that you write on your scorecard namely:

“Performance and Playing Skills”.

·      Would you like to start this season with a new attitude and process when playing golf?

·      Would you like to play the type of game you feel you are capable of?

·      Would you like to play with some level of control and without fear?

·      Would you like to quieten the conversation you have with yourself whilst playing?

·      Would you like to re-design your package?

·      Would you like to achieve this without any change to your swing?

If so, then this clinic is a non-negotiable for you. Now is your opportunity to change your approach to the game for the coming season and achieve the success and enjoyment from the game which you are looking for. Make the change!



·      The 3 Phases of Golf

·      The 2 Performance Circles of Golf

·      Acceptance and the importance of shot evaluation

·      Awareness exercises and playing focus

·      Re-definition of your package


This Clinic will be 2 hours in duration on the practice area (outside) and will include a practical session where, under guidence, you will be striking balls and making personal assessments to define what is optimum for your performance.

The Clinic is subject to a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 6 for each date.

Price: £40 per person


Wednesday 6/3/24 at 10-12hrs

Friday 8/3/24 at 14-16hrs

Saturday 9/3/24 at 13-15hrs

Monday 11/3/24 at 10-12hrs

Wednesday 13/3/24 at 14-16hrs

Friday 15/3/24 at 10-12hrs

Friday 22/3/24 at 14-16hrs

Saturday 23/3/24 at 10-12hrs


In order to reserve your place please contact me asap by email or via my website.

Details below. I look forward to seeing you.

“Together we can change the way you think, feel and play the game”

Best regards,

Paul Tolley

Master Teaching Professional

Golf Psychology and Performance Coach

Mobile: 07512338889

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