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What people say about Paul Tolley Performance Golf Coaching

I consider Paul to be one of the very best teaching professionals anywhere in the world. His knowledge on teaching and golf is first class and the results he gets are far superior to other golf professionals.
He has always been very thorough in his preparation and presentation when coaching and this sets him apart from many others in this profession.
He has pushed himself on in the teaching world, making sure that he has the latest information, by attending continual professional development  courses and working with some of the best golf coaches in the world. He possesses good people and language skills. I would recommend him to anyone looking to receive top quality coaching.

Bill Abbott
Head of Instruction,
The Darenth Golf Club, Kent, UK and Ele Golf International Academy, China

Paul is one of the most knowledgeable and professional coaches it has been my pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him at every opportunity. His passion for what he does shines through in every lesson he delivers and it is totally infectious.

Stewart Craig
Owner Forthview Golf Academy, Scotland
LET, LPGA and Golf World Top 25 Coach

"I just attended the Vision Training and Short Game Workshop in Spain and they were both excellent learning experiences. Paul Tolley's Vision Day was first class and his knowledge on the subject and content were of the highest order. These days are vitally important for any teaching professional's progression in the golf industry"

Martin Park
Authorised Aimpoint, Stack & Tilt and Golfing Machine Instructor
Head of Instruction, Valle del Este Golf Resort, Spain

Paul Tolley's Vision Training for Golf day explained how differently our eyes interpret information leading to errors in aiming and judging distances. Paul has obviously studied this subject in great depth and we were fortunate to benefit from his knowledge and experience.
Practical exercises and tests revealed our own tendencies and numerous drills gave us ways to improve our ability to aim and judge distances especially on the putting green.
We are uniquely fortunate to have senior coaches who are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional communicators and who, perhaps most importantly, have a keen desire to share all the information that they have gleaned over the years.
I would like to thank all those who made these 3 days possible and urge fellow Professionals to sign up as soon as these courses are next available.
I guarantee you will learn more than you could ever imagine.

Bob Barnes,
Owner & Professional, Cambridge Lakes Golf Club, UK

I first met Paul in the summer of 2002, I was in distress playing off a 7 handicap with the biggest case of the "sockets" in the world !!  Paul was fantastic. He was cool, calm and collected. He analysed my swing, helped me make a few small changes and raised my confidence. Within a few days I was worrying more about lowering my averages and impressing my coach. Since then I have lowered my handicap to 2, won the Club Championship 5 times, the Guernsey Island Championship 3 times and for the second time I am the reigning Channel Islands Champion. I continue to travel to Spain to see Paul for my coaching; extravagant but worth every penny !

Jan Chamberlain
Women's Channel Island Champion

Working with Paul over the last two years has contributed greatly to my success especially in the areas of putting and the short game which has improved my ability to score and achieve good results even when not playing at my best. Also, his coaching of the mental side of the game has allowed me to remain calm, confident and controlled during pressurised competitive situations and maintain my level of performance.

James Oliphant
2 Time Mens Valencian Champion
Euro Pro Player / Teaching Professional

I have to say the Performance Skills course has had an extremely positive effect on my game. In general, I feel a lot calmer and in control of myself. I am very pleased that I decided to attend your course and I have recommended it to several people. Many thanks for your help and advice and I now feel I have the tools to find a way forward to improve my game in terms of enjoyment and performance.

Mike Cuerdan
Male Golfer Handicap 5

In 2008 as a 57 year old retiree with 6 months golf behind me, a handicap of 27 and a set of second hand clubs I joined Oliva Nova Golf Club and met Paul Tolley. He introduced me to serious and fun golf, helped me with purchasing my first set of new fitted clubs and reduced me to a competitive single figure handicapper in three years.

Since I have known Paul he has always been very supportive and enthusiastic towards me and my game, always the smiling face and warm greeting during my many visits to Oliva Nova. Our lessons have been fun, easy to understand and with minimal change and stress to my body, he takes what I have and makes it work. During 2010 Paul changed the focus, outlook and approach to my game resulting in my handicap dropping to 8.9, the turning point of the season was after a lesson during which we never hit a ball.

Bob Edwards
Member Oliva Nova Club de Golf, Spain

Just wanted to say thank you for the couple of lessons, it has completely transformed my golf, the change of mindset has made a huge difference.

Stephen Barnett
Handicap 8 Sudbury Golf Club

After completing the Performance Skills Program I am now really enjoying my golfing journey, finding it intriguing rather than frustrating. I can now be rational about various aspects of my game whereas before I just chastised myself.

Marion Barnard
Lady Member Handicap 36

I found the Performance Skills Program interesting, informative and most importantly beneficial to my golf game. It’s presented in a light, informal and conversational style with lots of interaction. Through a combination of written and fun practical exercises Paul gets you to concentrate on the task in hand and develop an understanding that better scores come from acceptance of all that a round brings.   

BH Male Golfer Handicap 15

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