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These seminars and workshops are aimed at Coaches, Teachers and Professionals who wish to further their knowledge and improve their skills in specific areas as part of an overall Career Development Programme.

The seminars will take the form of one day or multi - day events covering a variety of subjects which push the boundaries of learning and explore new areas of the game. These days are designed for people who have a real passion to increase their knowledge and drive themselves to becoming the best educated coaches possible. 

Certificates for attendance and participation will be awarded to all  attendees.

Subjects covered include:

  • Advanced Putting Biomechanics,

  • Advanced Short Game Techniques,

  • Advanced Video Analysis - Cause and Effect,

  • Pre - Swing and In - swing Essentials

  • Recognition of Body and Swing Types,

  • Performance and Psychology Coaching 

  • Vision Training for Golf.

The Mentoring Programme is an individually and personally designed programme to meet the needs of each particular Coach. After an initial assessment, a development pathway would be agreed and short, medium and long term aims established to guide the journey to personal improvement. Regular consultations allow for review and adjustment to the programme and re-evaluation where necessary.

Coach Education: Welcome
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