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Performance Golf Coaching Services

Combined Coaching for the new era.

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Coach the Individual

  • Every Golfer needs a functional technique which is repeatable in terms of strike and ball flight and complies with the laws and physics of impact.

  • No one swing fits all and all a swing produces is a ball flight.

  • The Laws of impact and flight are based on principles (Physics) 

  • These principles are based on individual preferences                (Pre - Swing and In - Swing Essentials). 

  • Individual preferences are influenced by gender, age, body type, strength and flexibility                                                          (Style and Functionality)


Your Short Game can never be too good

  • 65% of all shots played on the Golf course occur from within 100 yards of the hole.

  • 80% of shots lost to par occur from within 100 yards of the hole.

  • 80% of your actual Handicap is determined by your short game skills.

  • Distance control is a priority over direction and understanding trajectory and spin is vital for shot and club selection.

  • Skill development and adaptability from different lies, different sand and different slopes is essential. 

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At some point the ball must go in the hole

  • Putting represents 43% of all shots played during the round.

  • Despite the common myth, Putting is not just a matter of "feel".

  • Putting is a blend of science and art.

  • The science part is based on biomechanics (technique) and good technique gives good "feel".

  • The art part is based on your ability to read the green and use your eyes correctly to instruct your brain.

  • There is no physical reason why the average Golfer cannot achieve the same results in putting as a Tour Player. 


The difference between the Range and the Course is your emotions.

  • Performance is a behavior.

  • Being "in the zone" both physical and mentally is an outcome/result.

  • It is not possible just to think your way into the zone but it is possible to think your way out of it.

  • How you manage yourself between shots has more bearing on your results than you can ever imagine.

  • Most golfers look for consistency in their swing/technique and spend hours trying to hardwire a technique that won’t let them down especially under pressure however, they do nothing to train their brain and manage themselves on the Golf Course.

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Nothing happens in sport until the eyes tell the body what to do.

  • Vision is a completely different thing from sight. Sight is how well you can read an eye chart, whereas vision is how well your eyes inform the brain.   

  • Good visual and ocular motor (eye muscle) skills, together with increased concentration capabilities, can dramatically improve golf performance.

  • Visual skills for golf include eye dominance, eye alignment, eye movement, eye teaming, depth perception (judgment of distance) and peripheral vision.

  • If the visual information we receive is inaccurate, it will affect our perception and influence our performance level and results. 

  • Visual skills, like all physical and mental skills can be taught, learnt, trained and improved.


Invest in yourself and your future.

  • The world of golf is preparing itself for a major change of philosophy.

  • It is no longer sufficient for Teachers and Coaches just to be good players and have technical knowledge of swing mechanics.

  • The old established beliefs are being questioned by some enlightened Coaches who realize that the current way of learning and instruction is not the most effective way for the Golfer.

  • Forward thinking Coaches will be open to new ideas and research other areas outside of golf for more knowledge.

  • Forward thinking Coaches will participate in training and education programs to develop themselves.

  • These Coaches will excel as providers of easy and effective learning.

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