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Dear Golfer,

In keeping with the my intention and commitment to providing you with the latest and most innovative coaching, I am delighted to announce the dates for the special Summer Short Game Coaching Clinics for the month of June 2022.

Unfortunately, the importance of the Short Game is underestimated by most Golfers as they are generally far more concerning with their driving and hitting the ball further. Whilst this may give them greater short-term enjoyment, it is the Golfer with a reliable short game who will consistently be more successful, at whatever level of the game.

No matter how well you strike the ball at some point the ball has to go into the hole.

You only need to think of the Tour players and their abilities around the green to realise how important this area is in maintaining and creating a good score. The Tour players know that they will not always strike the ball well and it is then that they rely on their short games to make a good enough score to keep them in contention. It is a fact, if we include putting that 66% of all shots played in a round of golf are played from within 100 yards of the hole and your play from this area represents 80% of your real handicap. Therefore, this is the area of your play which will affect directly your ability to score and the results you achieve. It is the quickest way to lower your scores and the part of the game which you practice least! I believe that by looking at and improving these areas, I will help you achieve better understanding of the requirements of the game and better technique in the areas of the game that you need the most. This will lead to better results and more enjoyment from playing your game.

Your short game and your putting can never be too good.

The contents of the Clinics are outlined below.


  • Essential Putting Biomechanics

  • Essential factors of slope, speed and distance

  • Use of Aim Point Express Green Reading System

  • Visual skills to aid alignment, speed and distance control

  • Practice exercises and use of teaching aids for improvement


  • Understanding Correct Chipping technique

  • Correct Posture and Set up

  • Understanding correct use of the club

  • Exercises to improve feel and control

  • Professional advice about shot and club selection


  • Pitching technique

  • Finesse wedges

  • Lob shot technique

  • Distance Control

  • Practical exercises

  • Advice on Club and Set make up


  • Sand “splash shot” technique

  • Distance control

  • Fairway sand shot technique

  • Plugged ball technique

  • Different sand and situations

  • Practical exercises

CONDITIONS: The Clinics are subject to the following conditions:

  • Venue: Porters Park Golf Club, Radlett, Herts

  • Group: Minimum 3 and maximum 6 people for each clinic

  • Price: £30 per person for the 2 hour session.


ADVANCED PITCHING: 6th June at 16 -18hrs, 22nd June at 16 -18hrs, 2nd July at 14 -16hrs.

ADVANCED SAND PLAY: 13th June at 16 -18hrs, 29th June at 16 -18hrs.

ADVANCED CHIPPING:15th June at 16 -18hrs, 20th June at 16 -18hrs, 24th June at 16 -18 hrs

ADVANCED PUTTING: 8th June at 16 -18hrs, 18th June at 16 -18hrs, 27th June at 16 -18hrs.


Reservations can be made directly to me at or via the online booking system at (select Coach 02 Paul Tolley and look for dates in the diary. payment can be made at the same time).

By committing to the four different clinics, you can have an 8 hour complete Short Game Programme for the price of £120.

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