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There are a number of reasons why people find golf difficult. The ball is small and the clubhead is not very big, the margin of error in hitting a golf ball is not very much and if the clubface is off by a degree or two the ball is not going to go where we want to go. However, one thing I see everyday as a Coach is people trying to obtain positions in their swings that they cannot physically achieve. This occurs many times as a result of trying to copy the positions of the worlds' best players who nowadays are athletes and in peak physical condition. The main areas which need to be improved are flexibility, strength and stamina and all of these areas influence the way we are able to swing the club. Weaknesses in these areas cause many flaws in our swing and the resulting effects give rise to contact, control and distance issues in our game. With corrective exercises, flexibility, strength and stamina can be improved and with better physical conditioning swing flaws can be irradicated and better positions can be achieved in the swing. An additional avantage is that the more physically fit you are, the more mentally fit you will be.


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