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So much of success in golf is based around damage limitation.  It does not matter how well we play for fourteen holes if, on the other four, we inflict so much damage upon our score that it is impossible to recover.  The legendary Ben Hogan said, more than once, that in any round of golf he hit perhaps only one or two shots perfectly. Golf is a game of misses !! Therefore, we have to make the most of our good shots, and minimize the effect on the overall round of our bad ones.  In a word, this can be called strategy or course management. Best described, course management might just be ‘playing smart’.  That’s common-sense smart, not intellectual smart: "getting the most out of the least". Sensible thinking and careful planning can help to lower your scores and conversely, bad decisions and poor planning can be just as damaging as a poorly struck shot. It is important to remember that we should recognise our strengths and play to them. With playing lessons on the golf course you will learn the rules and etiquette of the game as well as game plan formation, hole by hole strategy, club selection, shot strategy, damage limitation from trouble shots, pre and post shot routines and correct thinking and behavior.


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