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Putting accounts for 43% of the total number of shots played during a round of golf. However, a very small percentage of practice time is devoted to this subject. The general attitude is that anyone can putt and that putting is simple and with good "feel" and practice success is garanteed. As "feel" is vague and temporary most players putt inconsistently and are generally frustrated by their lack of success in this vital part of the game. What is misunderstood is that putting is not entirely about "feel" and is greatly influenced by technique. What gives a player good "feel" is good technique. 

By learning Putting Biomechanics based on the "Tour Proven" techniques and theories of Dr. Paul Hurrion (Putting Coach to many Tour Players) you will improve your technique and understanding of the vital elements of Putting and become more consistent and successful in the process. 

Using Visual Skills Training and Aimpoint techniques you will be coached to properly use your eyes to instruct the brain to collect the information you need to "read" the greens and perform the actions you wish to make. 

There is no reason why any player regardless of age, handicap, size, strength, speed or gender cannot compete or surpass the putting skills of the best professionals in the world. 

All they need to know is "The Way Forward". 


1 hour x Putting Handicap Test                                                                                                                                        1 hour x Video Analysis                                                                                                                                                     4 hours x Technique, Aimpoint Green Reading and Vision Training








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